The Secret Ingredient to the Secret Sauce…

The Secret Ingredient to the Secret Sauce…

Hello My Friends!

If I was to say I had the “secret” to the secret sauce you would want to know, wouldn’t you? In my earlier years, I was seeking out what was the perfect solution to connecting and communicating with Spirit, the Angels and my Spirit Guides. What process do I need for this and that, I was and (I still do) seek out ways to improve clarity, dreams, goals, life purpose, you name it I have likely looked into it or tried what others feel is the magic.

What is the secret?

It’s the one thing I realized when done daily I was able to keep centred, focused and inspired. A simple and powerful task included in my daily practice of meditation and grounding is to… journal.

Yes, how simple is that. Journaling- who knew it, right! Sometimes, easier said then done however once I realized how powerful journaling can be it has become many things to me over the last 30 years. Ok, let me tell you first, life gets in the way some days, weeks and even months but I have always come back and found this practice comfortable and trustworthy, like a good ol’ pair of jeans. There is no perfect way to journal except to have a note book and good pen with lots of ink.

What do I journal?

Every morning and evening, I journal my gratitudes; if nothing else this is what I feel is a must do.  I use the journal for automatic writing on to find inspiration, to get what’s in my head out without any filter. This is how I met my first Spirit Guide and realized what an amazing spiritual tool journaling was and I have taught many others to do the same.  Journaling on the New Moon is essential to creating and manifesting things into our lives: while equally important on the Full Moon as we journal the things that no longer serve us for releasing.  You are truly giving self-care when you make time to write, it is extremely healing. On occasions, I have gone back and read where my thoughts and feeling had been and can see the growth and progress as well as things that are still blocking me and not fully healed.  The journey of the journal, lol, love it! As we all are make our way through this journey of life any tools to help guide us through is welcomed. I challenge you to make time for journaling for 7 days, then continue for another 7 days then another until you make it a happy habit, I guarantee your soul, your inner self will thank you for it and I know Spirit, the Angels and the Universe will be listening.

Give yourself the gift of a Daily Practice

4 – Easy Steps

  1. I wake and say : THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU – Wayne Dyer practiced this every day and I adopted it as well.
  2. I keep a journal right at my bedside and before I get up and brush my teeth I journal 3 things I am grateful for…
    1. I am grateful for a warm and cozy bed. 
    2. I am grateful for the gifts I have been given.
    3. I am grateful for Darin, Carter and Alyssa who bring me joy everyday.  
  3. I set an affirmation for the day, it can be one you are using as your mantra or one you would like to focus on this day like:

Joy is my highest purpose.

I am worthy of love.

May abundance come easily and effortless to me.

4. The last thing I do is at night just before I go to sleep, I write and say all the things that I was grateful for that day and one last THANK YOU.

Taking these few moments each day will build a foundation for a lovely self-care practice; it will expand as you grow with only 5 minutes of journaling, 5 minutes of grounding and a 10 minute meditation.

You can do it!!!

Remember its not how you start, its how you finish and I can say that the journey continues to be incredible!

With love, light and gratitude,


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Ground Now!!! Its impossible not to do it right!

Ground Now!!! Its impossible not to do it right!

Hello My Friends

Wow! We are flying into April and loving it!  April brings out so many great things like hope for warmer weather, more time outside which I know we all love, new blossoms and fresh leaves. The winter weather is really now behind us.   This is a time when I am out in the yard and garden planning for that urban summer harvest.  I am digging in the soil and freshening up the beds, racking the grass and soaking in any warmth of the sun. While I am outside enjoying the beauty, I am grounding and connecting with Mother Earth. When we ground, it helps us find our centre, calms us down, and we then can focus and have more clarity on any situation that faces us.

Grounding can be as simple as stepping outside your front door, breathing in the air and letting the energy flow through your body or you can take a quick visualization trip from the comfort of your living room to bring you to a place of centre, peace and wholeness.  This is a practice I do daily and in every session I have with my clients to be able to connect with ease to Spirit and the Angels.  I recommend it to everyone who may be needing a way to find calm, order and just plan sanity in a stressful situation.

In the last email, I spoke of meditation and how important it is the build a small practice daily and adding in grounding to that daily practice will only amplify the benefits of the your self-care and spiritual tool kit.

I have included a 5 minute daily grounding meditation for you to follow or give you an idea of how you can co-create your own grounding practice.

Please enjoy and I would love to hear how you have work this practice into your day!






3 Things They Don’t Tell You About Meditation

3 Things They Don’t Tell You About Meditation

Hello my Friends,

I have been off the newsletter for awhile; life happens and you know the saying, “something has to give” which was my newsletter until today!

You can find my posts DAILY Oracle Messages and Guidance on Facebook page or Instagram and Facebook Lives which I am working on more!  I LOVE when you comment, so please keep those coming.

March is a big month, it is the beginning of spring with new opportunities and ideas starting to flooding in. It’s time to plan, to start fresh and clear the clutter getting ready for the longer days ahead.  I have been blessed to live in a place where we are seeing the snowdrops and crocus blooming with the daffodils following closely behind.  I love to garden and have been planning for this years planting with dreams of beautiful flowers, fruits and vegetables growing abundantly in the back yard.  This spring has also had me planning for what I could share with you.  

I have created a series of blogs about the Intuitive Tools I use to connect with myself, Spirits, my Spirit Guides and Angels.  Each day I am so blessed to communicated and receive messages and guidance. It is wonderful knowing that we are not alone and our Spirit/Soul never dies, we are eternal beings having this human experience.  It’s true what I do might seem incredible to some but my belief has always been that we are all gifted and can connect to our higher-self with just a little guidance and practice.  


3 Things They Don’t Tell You About Meditation

#1 What they don’t tell you is that it is HARD to quiet a busy mind and after a few attempts you say want to say to heck with it! 

You have likely heard or been told over the years that you to need to quiet your mind, clear it so to get the whole experience.  Meanwhile, you are making your grocery list, mentally picking up the kids, doing your taxes and creating the next weeks to-do list and it goes on and on.  Just know that we have like 60-80, 000 thoughts flying though our minds every day so it is unrealistic to think you can totally quiet the mind the first try or ten.  The  #1 key to meditation is your BREATHE, and by listening to your breathe it will allow you to find that moment of calm and peace.  Try for only a minute take a deep breath and just notice the air flowing in and out like a wave on the beach.  Taking a few moments each day to do breathe work, its a form of meditation, a small one but it can bring you back to center and starts a practice to build on. 

 #2 What they don’t tell you is that meditation can be done anywhere at anytime.

Meditation is best when you can carve out 30 minutes or more to start your day but that is not always possible.  A meditation can be 10 minutes or even 30 seconds, there is no hard rules to this practice but the longer you give to practicing meditation the more you will benefit from the residual benefits. The benefits learning to trust your own intuition and feelings, to connecting to your own Spirit Guides and Angels.  Meditation can be sitting quietly and repeating a centering word or phrase in sanskit or it can be painting or gardening or taking a run or walking the beach. When your mind is clear and distracted by a joyful activity it allows your higher self to be open to receiving.  Meditation can help us find the answers we seek from others and really they are right there with us. 

#3 What they don’t tell you is that meditation is a simple practice and can change your life. 

When learning anything new and a little out our comfort zone it feels awkward and even weird to do.  Like when we first started to walk it was foreign and we would fall down often but would find our way up again. Meditation is similar, once you get the hang of it you will want to keep going. Our breathe connects us to our bodies, mind and higher-self; in these moments we dissolve whatever happened before that moment and whatever is going to happen after this moment by just finding space, closing our eyes and sitting tall while noticing our audible breath. Some may need to start with a mantra ” I choose to let go”  or ” so hum” .  Now is a time to listen to your body and honour what you may feel physically, emotionally or intuitively in the present moment.    I encourage you to start your practice, all it needs is a bit of time, an open mind and open heart.    love, light and gratitude, Angie                                                                                          


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