Believe in yourself. Trust in yourself. Love yourself.
It really is all about YOU.
If I had to concisely sum up the key to living an ideal life based on my personal journey as well as the numerous years I have spent intuitively guiding my clients on theirs, that would be it.

I’m the kinda gal who believes the cup is half-full. We must be mindful of our thoughts, aware that the Universe is always listening, and what you think, what you say, is what you get. Taking action is empowering because the fear of failure that often holds us back is, in reality, just another opportunity to learn, to try again, a sign that something better is on its way. We all go through difficult situations, but what truly defines us is how we react to this adversity.

For thirty years now, I have been connecting people with the souls of their departed loved ones along with their own angels and spiritual guides. Being a medium, blessed with the ability to communicate with the higher realms, has made my life experience rather unique and amazing but not always easy.
Connecting with co-workers in past places of employment, I would create wonderful relationships, and it was only a matter of time before I was sharing my nights and weekends with people yearning to reconnect with a family member or friend who had passed. Finding myself giving them the guidance they craved and the tools for their own spiritual growth, I began to believe Spirit was setting me up for a big decision in my future.

Why did I hesitate? Why do any of us find it so difficult to claim our power and really own our strengths? It was easy to feel safe when people came to me on their own for intuitive readings referred by a family member or friend. Like many of you, I, too, was caught up in fear of failure, of judgement, and the ever-pervasive concern over what others would think.
Finally, it was “now or never”, as my loving husband and best friend, Darin, so eloquently put it. His incredible support and encouragement gave me the push I needed. I put my faith in the Universe that all would unfold for the highest good and made my vocation, using my gifts in service to others, my actual career. I made the transition to my new life in Divine surrender, trusting in myself and just letting go in a big way!
Leaving my corporate career behind, I began to share my intuitive insights professionally, teaching others how to connect to self, to Spirit, and the Universe, giving my clients the necessary tools to grow within on their own healing journey.

Since then, hundreds of people have found their way to me, searching for healing, spiritual counselling, or merely a way to communicate with someone they loved and lost. At the end of every session, when clients leave, faces alight with a renewed sense of joy, peace, and more clarity and direction, I am reminded repeatedly of just how important my decision was those many years back. It is both an honour and a truly humbling experience to witness their incredible transformations and subsequent personal growth. Healing has literally happened right in front of my eyes, irrefutable evidence that leaving the traditional work world for the spiritual realm was the right choice for all concerned. I know now, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that to be able to share these moving messages of love, to have conversations with Spirit, and give guidance from the angels is not only a gift but a divine blessing given to be shared.

We have the power to transform, to heal ourselves, mind, body, and soul. Believe in who you are and stay true to yourself. Be grateful for your gifts. Live every day in appreciation of all the wonders that are yours, and you’ll be attracting in more of the same. We are a magnet for everything we desire, so choose wisely. The possibilities are infinite, and they are all around us. Miracles really do happen. It all starts with you daring to dream!

Love, light and gratitude,

Angie   xo



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