Hello My Friends

Wow! We are flying into April and loving it!  April brings out so many great things like hope for warmer weather, more time outside which I know we all love, new blossoms and fresh leaves. The winter weather is really now behind us.   This is a time when I am out in the yard and garden planning for that urban summer harvest.  I am digging in the soil and freshening up the beds, racking the grass and soaking in any warmth of the sun. While I am outside enjoying the beauty, I am grounding and connecting with Mother Earth. When we ground, it helps us find our centre, calms us down, and we then can focus and have more clarity on any situation that faces us.

Grounding can be as simple as stepping outside your front door, breathing in the air and letting the energy flow through your body or you can take a quick visualization trip from the comfort of your living room to bring you to a place of centre, peace and wholeness.  This is a practice I do daily and in every session I have with my clients to be able to connect with ease to Spirit and the Angels.  I recommend it to everyone who may be needing a way to find calm, order and just plan sanity in a stressful situation.

In the last email, I spoke of meditation and how important it is the build a small practice daily and adding in grounding to that daily practice will only amplify the benefits of the your self-care and spiritual tool kit.

I have included a 5 minute daily grounding meditation for you to follow or give you an idea of how you can co-create your own grounding practice.

Please enjoy and I would love to hear how you have work this practice into your day!







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