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Spirit Guidance


I believe all people are intuitive at one level or another.  Those who are gifted are strongly compelled to be of service by sharing and/or teaching.  I have been working with spirit for over 25 years.  I give each person guidence to trust they too can find their own spiritual connections and I love to share what I can through spiritual coaching.


Higher Vibrations


With guided support, teachings and experience, I have come to understand how I can work with a higher vibrating energy.  My life has evolved to the point that today I gratefully embrace my 5th generation gift and accept that it’s a part of who I am.  I believe spirit has guided me this far and I fully appreciate the joy it brings to those who have found their way to my door.


Energy Cord Cutting


Energy cords are created when we connect with each other energetically through shared love, emotions, events and vibrations.  These cords also flow negative energy and, over time, can affect us in the physical and sometimes are quite painful.  Imagine the cords as an invisible hollow bungee that connects two people; along this cord energy flows back and forth.  You may feel drained after a visit with friends or family, thoughts of an ex or person you have no connection with any longer or of a bad situation from your past.  Unless you cut the cords they continue to take your energy or cause pain.  With Energy Cord Cutting the negative energy is removed and a tool is provided for you to continue forward cord-free.


Past Life Healing


If you are experiencing an inability to achieve something that you know you are capable of doing then chances are it stems from a past life.  Does this sound like you?  As a trained professional, Angie uses a proven technique to remove this block so you can move ahead on your journey.  Book an appointment now!


Sessions & Appointments

In Person
A personal 1:1 session with Angie, Spiritual Medium, Healer and Spiritual Life Coach is life changing for her clients seeking peace, happiness and validation in their lives.  You will experience a Spiritual connection and you will receive evidental personal messages from your loved ones who have passed, or guidance from your Angels and Guides for your own personal growth.  In this time, you could work through emotional blocks that have been holding you back in your personal and professional lives, remove energy cords from negative events or people and for some healing a past-life event.  Angie will send you home with answers and powerful tools to use on your own spiritual journey.

Sessions: 60 minutes  (Fee – $200 Per Person)

For more information please contact Angie.

By Telephone
Remote readings can be for one or two people *PLEASE NOTE – it is very important to ensure Angie is aware of additional people in the room as this can affect the intended person’s spiritual experience and change the outcome significantly.

60 Minute Session  (Fee – $200 Per Person)

Contact Angie if you have any questions.

Group Readings
Groups can be made up of 3 to 8 people and take place only during the evenings, lasting 1.5 hours, at your location. Travel cost will be additional for out of area sessions. Please contact Angie to arrange details and pricing.


Quote My session with Angie was absolutely breath taking. For a guy who rarely cries. I was in tears the entire hour we had. She connected on things that were not ever said by me to her. An amazing experience. So much closure of my loved ones who have passed away. It was so incredible how she was able to channel and connect to people I haven’t seen in over a decade. I wouldn’t change the experience for a second. Everything that happened changed who I am today. And everything for better. I suggest if you’re thinking about hiring a medium you do so. Because that hour changed my entire life forever. Thank you Angie! Your gift is so special and changed my life. And I’ll be forever grateful.


Comox Valley, BC

Quote I had a lovely reading with Angie this morning and connected with my parents as well as an ex husband. The messages given to me from them very much resonated and came at a time when I was looking for a little direction. Thank you Angie for the reading!

Jane M,

Comox Valley, BC

Quote This is the second time that I’ve used Angie’s services and it is something that will definitely always be a part of my life now. I talk to my loved ones often on my own and they do let me know they are around, but being able to communicate directly thru Angie is just so much better! I have been feeling the need to connect on a deeper level for a while now. And even tho I need a copious amount of kleenex while we talk, I also can laugh and feel so much happier after having talked with them! And its a busy conversation as I have 2 husbands and my parents who connect with us! Thank you Angie! What you are able to do gives me so much peace.

Joan C,

Courtenay, BC

Quote Angie is one of the kindest, most comforting people I have ever met. She has an incredible ability to put anyone at their ease immediately, and to make you feel like someone she has truly known for a long time. With Angie, you will feel seen, heard, and understood. Her insights are deep and profound, and the messages she passes on are filled with love, joy, peace and inspiration.

Monica C,

Vancouver, BC

Quote Before my session, I must admit that I was excited at the prospect of connecting with loved ones who had passed… most of all my daughter. I was also a bit worried that it may not happen. I did connect with my beautiful daughter through Angie’s caring energy, as well as with other family members. The hour I spent with Angie was first and foremost… HEALING. It brought me a gentle peace of mind.

Nicole C,

Quote I was very close with my Dad. I have used Angie’s services 4 times now over the past two years. I know he’s always with me but this is a way I can have an actual conversation with him. These sessions give me the strength to keep moving forward. So very thankful there are folks like Angie that are able to share this gift. Gives me peace & strength every time.

Shannon M,

 Florida, USA

Quote I went to have a reading with Angie; I was pleased that the important people in my life that have left this earth came through to guide me in my future plans. Angie told me when I leave, they will all be leaving with you! When I got in my car, and started it, my husband’s favorite song started to play. I thought to myself, yes, you are with me. It was great therapy, and for anyone else struggling with the loss of a loved one(s). I’ve already booked my appointment for my next reading! People like Angie truly have the gift to communicate and help us along our painful journey….thanks so much Angie! 🙂


Comox, BC

Quote I had a party of 3 and Angie made everyone feel comfortable and open to the experience. It was awesome I had goosebumps and was quite emotional. We all had loved ones come and bring messages of love and reassurance. It was fantastic and I would recommend her to anyone.


Courtenay, BC

Quote I have been read several times by this truly Gifted, compassionate, kind, sweet lady. Angie helped bring closure to questions I had with regards to losing not 1 but 2 very special people in my life. She sets the mood so that from the first minute you see her and walk into her home, you feel such a wonderful sense of not only anticipation, but calm. You do not feel awkward or even scared once you sit with this Beautiful woman. I was without a doubt, completely 100% for lack of a better word, shocked with some of the answers I received from my precious loved ones. Angie’s ability to connect with them helped me realize, that even though they aren’t here in the physical sense, they are with us every second of every day. Yes Kleenex is required 😀 but well worth it! This is an extremely therapeutic experience, and I would highly not only recommend you give it a try, even if somewhat of a skeptic, you will NOT regret it.


Courtenay, BC

Quote I had not had a reading done in many, many years and it was long overdue! Angie was incredible, caring, accurate and so in touch I was blown away! She is the best I’ve ever been too and I highly recommend her….you will NOT be disappointed!

Tracy M,

Parksville, BC

Quote I recently had my first reading by Angie. To say I was happy with my reading is a given… I was absolutely thrilled!!! Her ability and caring are evident from the first words out of her mouth. I have never had such an in depth reading, her accuracy is unbelievable. I left feeling at peace knowing I am surrounded by the people who have gone before. Thank you Angie, I will be back.

Susan H,

Courtenay, BC

Quote I have Angie do my readings about every 4 months or so and have had her do this for the last 4 years. She is spot on with accurate information that there is no way she would know. Amazing how personal she can get without ever meeting me in person. Her readings are always a comfort and very therapeutic and healing. I have used other mediums over all the years and they all have been so so. Angie is different and I would recommend her highly without reservation.

I would suggest that one pray and meditate the day of the reading; asking for all your guides and loved ones come through.


Iowa, USA

Quote I had my first reading over the phone with Angie. This experience was beyond words. Her accuracy with family that had passed over was incredible! She has really given me peace of mind and has a true gift from God. She was so easy to talk to and I could feel that she had such a sweet and caring spirit. Her gift is real and all of her information was positive. I was a little skeptical at first but I kept an open mind. She certainly did not disappoint me. My reading was about 3 weeks ago and I still feel the peace from her words. I definitely recommend Angie and I look forward to another reading in the future 🙂

Vicki R,

Georgia, USA

Quote Meeting with Angie was an experience I will never forget. Before arriving, I was a bit apprehensive and I wasn’t sure what to expect. However, as soon as I met Angie, I began to feel at ease. Angie has a wonderful presence – calm, kind, accepting, and full of warmth. The details she shared with me about my past friends and family were incredibly accurate and gave me sense of re-connection with them. Throughout the session, I felt an energy that I cannot describe. She remarkably knew things about my future that have since come to pass. I feel comfort when looking back on my session with Angie, and I am grateful to have experienced her gift. I would encourage anyone else to do the same.


Victoria, BC

Quote Angie has done numerous readings for me in the past 5 years. I find the readings to be fascinating and accurate! I have referred a number of friends to Angie and they all have enjoyed their readings as well. I’m looking forward to my next reading with her!


Iowa, USA

Quote I had my first reading with Angie last night; TRULY GIFTED is my first thought! She was so right on with everything, I was just amazed! I learned so much about angels, guides and the importance of practicing daily meditation and gratitude. WOW!! Exciting stuff!!! If you are considering making an appointment, I encourage you to do so!!! I am recommending her to everyone I know who is interested.


Iowa, USA

Quote Thank you Angie for the awesome reading. You have given such comfort with your wonderful gift. Your knowledge of the owl visit was incredible. I found an owl feather the next day in the yard! I know my son is at peace and an angel is looking over me. Bless you always. Love and peace,

Rhonda M,

Florida, USA

Quote Thank you Angie for the awesome reading. You have given such comfort with your wonderful gift. Your knowledge of the owl visit was incredible. I found an owl feather the next day in the yard! I know my son is at peace and an angel is looking over me. Bless you always. Love and peace,

Rhonda M,

Florida, USA

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