Hello Everyone!

I am still here! It’s been quiet on the site however I just wanted you to know I have been working hard to bring new content and tools to my clients.  Some of the tools are just amazing and I am so excited to be able to offer them to you.  I am moving my personal Facebook Page to a Like Page and would Thank you for moving forward with me.

What’s coming…

 2 Day Workshop:  Connect to Your Own Power with Your Angels

In this 2 day workshop you will learn to listen to and follow your Devine Guidance, as well as your heart, by being here with me.

I look forward to sharing techniques, methods and skills in theses two days. I feel so much excitement around being able to watch and sense your own personal growth.  My goal is to teach techniques that will build confidence and Connect You to Your Own Power!

Past Life Healing :

If you are experiencing an inability to achieve something that you know you are capable of doing then chances are it stems from a past life. As a trained professional a proven technique is used to remove this block so you can move ahead on your journey. Does this sound like you, book an appointment soon!

Energy Cord Cutting :

Energy cords are created when we connect with each other energetically through shared love, emotions, events and vibrations.  These cords also flow negative energy and overtime can affect us in the physical and can be quite painful.  Imagine the cords as an invisible hollow bungee that connects two people it that flows energy back and forth.  You may feel drained after a visit with friends or family, thoughts of an ex or person you have no connection with any longer or a bad situation from your past.  Unless you cut the cords they continue to take your energy or cause pain.   With Energy Cord Cutting the negative energy is removed and a tool is provided to continue cord free.

Energy Block Releasement and Belief Pattern Changes :

If you are having difficultly releasing a past event, emotion, experience or addiction that may still cause fear and other negative emotions and its holding you back from stepping forward into your own power. This might be what your looking for; make an appointment.


I will be an exhibitor and giving a free workshop at the 8th Annual Intuitive Arts Festival in James Bay in Victoria! Come join us for two days of Amazing Energy…



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