This week has been difficult with a passing of a close friend, sudden and unexpected. I am so grateful for my gifts to connect with Spirit and Angels, it certainly makes it easier knowing that soul is going home and we will reconnect, yet it’s no less emotional, that’s our real human experience kicking in.

What happens when we die???

In my experience, Spirit and Souls leave here fully alive and connect to their loved ones energetically. Some Souls are completely prepared to move forward and pass while others are not ready at all to go. All Spirits have a period of transition and depending what stage they were at in the end of life, it can determine when that Spirit may start to communicate with us again. There is no time like our linear time in the Spirit Realm, so a connection can be very quick following a life review with the Angels or if a life review has many lessons or missteps in this life, it may be longer.  Other Souls leaving tragically can have difficulty crossing over and need help to going home.  Spirit & Angels communicated that we choose our life and the lessons we come here to learn, we choose our parents and we also choose our exits.  The idea is we are here to learn, teach and be of service on this journey for the duration choosen. It’s hard to believe that these are choices especially with some passings being devastating, ill-timed and just heart breaking.  This is when we must have faith and trust, as what you may not see why in the moment, it may become clearer in the future.  What is incredible is that the Spirit never dies or leaves their loved ones, they continue to love and support  trying to communicate to us  a number of ways; with signs, symbols, music, numbers, through dreams or a Spiritual Medium like myself. The extrodinary part is knowing you can still have a relationship with your family, your spouse, your child or friends by having the courage to be open to receiving their love and believing that we never really die.  We are connected through the love energy and knowing in our hearts they have never left us behind.   For me, being of service and connecting you with your loved ones is always a real joy and pleasure.  It’s one way to have that missed conversation, a time to feel close to them, a way to receive love and guidence or perhaps find something missing.  The beautiful thing is through your pain of loss there was great love, and that love keeps you connected. There is considerable comfort and joy knowing they are here with you, always.   Life is  a journey of healing ourselves; it has a lot to do with finding the joy and happiness in each moment; to find forgiveness and love, to have gratitude for all that we have and experienced with our loved ones now and with those who have passed.  In love and light,



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