ArchAngel Michael Deck by Doreen Virtue

Hello Friends,

Each week I pull 3 cards from a deck I am drawn to for the weekly reading. These cards are to given so you might gain clarity and receive some Divinely inspired guidance in this weeks journey.

My choice of deck this week is ArchAngel Michael Oracle Deck. This deck has become a go to friend so to speak. Archangel Michael is powerful non-denominational Angel who provides protection, courage and strength to all those who ask.

This week my post did not send on Monday so here it is now! I believe there’s good a reason for the delayed gift. Let me know if it was good timing for you. Cheers All

We are starting with the card of Self-Respect which as a number of possible meanings but I feel it relates to how you honour who you are especially when others aren’t treating you in a worthy manner. The message is to respect and love yourself by learning to choose you over a bad relationship, or situation that isn’t healthy. Know ArchAngel Michael is supporting while you search for happiness, health and abundance.

The second card is Lean on God and the Angels for Support and God may be Source, the Universe or Spirit for you. When we read the prayer it is really speaks about sending out your request for support to the Angels and completely trust it will be resolved. Allowing yourself to unburden yourself with unnecessary worry which blocks you from experiencing the solution at hand. When you allow others to help and support you, you empower yourself!

WOW! What a great card to follow up with: it totally supports the last two cards, Have Confidence. Michael’s card is saying the rise of self-confidence and self-assuredness gives the strength, power and skill to shine your light. Listen to you intuition and act with confidence as it is right on target. Have faith you are on the right path.

Overall, YOU ARE SUPPORTED BY ARCHANGEL MICHAEL in a BIG WAY! This message is clearly saying; Give yourself the self-respect you deserve; Ask for support or help in anything that helps you release blocks to move closer to your happiness; and have Confidence in yourself!!! It sounds like a pep talk we all need to hear and trust from AA Michael.

Have a fabulous week and be sure to Share this with your friends and family. I would love to hear what happens for you this week.


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