Oracle Cards – Gabrielle

Each week I pull 3 cards from a deck I am drawn to for the weekly reading. Gabrielle’s deck was loud and clear, so to speak; I will am happy to give the messages as prescriptions rather than predictions. Archangel Gabrielle is the Angel of Communication and Arts (Messenger Angel) Archangel Gabrielle inspires and motivates artists and communicators, helping them to overcome fear and procrastination.

The first card “Allow Yourself to Receive” is a message to all of us however for all those givers out there, begin to learn how to be the receiver. Be open to the gifts of love, sharing and abundance coming your way. Remember, how you feel when giving to someone in need; you may have feelings of joy, happiness and value being able to help. These are some of the feelings you are stopping others of not having when you deny them the opportunity to give. It can be as easy as receiving a compliment so say, “Thank you” and appreciate the gift. Some of these gifts may be answers to your wishes that you have been sending out to the universe and they are coming now.

The second card “Creative Expression” captures a sense of fun and creativity that needs to show up this week. Express yourself vocally, speak up and let go of any blocks you have had. Perform in a way that feeds your soul and allows you to show another side to yourself. This week be brave and express your ideas and dreams to those around you. We all have a comfort zone, find a way to do something a different way; be expressive and creative through your actions ~ speak your truth, paint your passion, share your experiences and have fun along the way!

The final card “Prosperity” a message we all can agree is a blessing to see come up. When asked the Universe will respond in sending what was requested. Trusting in this and releasing fears or doubts will allow intentions, wishes, dreams and any actions that you have had to the courage and confidence to take will find its way to you. Know that it may be this week an incoming of abundance you have asked for is on its way!

Overall this weeks messages are clear; to allow yourself to trust, trust in yourself, trust the Universe, and trust that your have an opportunity to grow by showing others the creative side of who you are. Be ready to receive all gifts coming your way.

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