Hello Friends,

Each week I pull 3 cards from a deck I am drawn to for the weekly reading.

This week has Oracle cards I am using are from the Goddess Deck by Doreen Virtue. This deck is a feminine deck that can speak to all as we attune to awakening the emotional side to ourselves. By awakening, you may SEE something that you may have simply overlooked before. With many shifts in consciousness, we are beginning to discovery there is much more to what we see, feel, sense and know.

So for this week, the first card is Goddess Aine ~ Leap of Faith – Take a risk and put your heart’s true desire into action! Start this week off with trusting yourself and what you really need to do. Many times waiting and waiting is harder your soul than just going out and doing it. Stop the what if’s and try it, ask the question, be brave step out of the box you may have found yourself in. Trust as you are supported by your Angels, Goddess’s and the Universe!

The second card, Maeve, the Goddess of Cycles and Rhythms – this card speaks to Timing, like the cycles of the Moon and the Stars, we have definite times when we are energized, awake and alive. Celebrate and embrace these rhythms as they tell us more forward with joy and happiness or to rest and rejuvenate the body. Allow yourself time to grieve or take time off if in a state of emotional crisis or state. This too shall pass and the opportunity to move forward will open up so you can walk on through.

The final card, Rhiannon, the Sorceress – she tells this a magical time of manifesting your clear intentions into reality. This week get back outside and reconnect with nature to clear your mind and reawaken ideas and dreams you have or once had, restart now! Being the week of Valentines perhaps an intentional conversation with someone you admire or perhaps this is the time to rekindle your love relationship your are currently in or to treat yourself with love and patience.

Overall the message this week is about trust,timing, love which is BEAUTIFUL! Be clear on what you want or desire and put yourself out there; trust the doors are open and walk on through. You will never grow or know unless you do it!

Have a wonderful week and please SHARE to family and friends!

In love and light,


Romance and love is high energy this week – I will be posting a SPECIAL VALENTINE’S DAY card tomorrow on my Facebook Page

See you there!





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