Each week I pull 3 cards from a deck I am drawn to for the weekly reading. These cards are to given so you might gain clarity and receive some Divinely inspired guidance and future possibilities in this weeks journey.

I am in love with Colette Baron-Reids Wisdom of the Oracle Cards and will be using them for this weeks oracle card messages.

After pull the cards, I see we are still building on last weeks energy and flow. Milk and Honey continues in the same energy with opportunity, tastes of prosperity and abundance brought on by you being you, your authentic self. This is a time where you are really feeling more relaxed and awake to the unlimited possibilities in the universe. Part of the meaning of this card is ” you’ve landed into the world of milk and honey” enjoy what it brings to you as all your needs are being met.

To Be Fair…what a great card to speak to directly to keeping your balance. With every yin there is a yang, a zig to a zag so while life is offering challenges and experiences remember to accept without judgement and you will see the Universe adjust in perfect balance.  This a time where all dealing of  gain is mutually beneficial and all people or situations are deal with respect, value, kindness and good intentions. ” What you sow you will reap.”

Our final card is Flexible…when seeing and reading the card we all can interpret what this might mean to each of us. The message is be mindful and open with what may come our way. This is a time where being willing to learn new things and being adaptable without compromising what’s important.  Common sense is vital but so is an open mind, be aware and willing to bend a little; others will find it easier to be flexible with you too.

Overall, be yourself, be open and be flexible as this week has great opportunity awaiting!


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