Full Solar Eclipse

August 21, 2017

Starts: 9:05

Totality starts: 10:15

Salem, Oregon and Area for first views.

The moon phases have always been an important part of my routine, with the Full Moon Releases and the New Moon Intentions. A Full Eclipse of the Sun…

This just doesn’t happen every month or year! I remember that first time I witnessed a full eclipse, I was in grade 5 and we made little viewers out of paper towel and toilet rolls, mirrors, and a tissue with a pin hole because you are not look direction into the sun. Depending where you are, you my get a chance to witness this so get out and get yourself view or make your own.

Jump ahead a couple of years and here it is again, a Full Solar Eclipse on August 21st, 2017 starting in Salem at 9:05 am until total coverage at 10:15 am where then it will partially cover over the next hour or so. There will be approximately 2 minutes of total darkness and we will be able to see the moon completely cover the sun and see the solar corona which you can learn more about from the link below.

People are flocking from all over the world to view on the west coast in Salem, Oregon and the surrounding area as this will be the first place the eclipse will happen before it travels through to the east. This eclipse will prove to be an amazing experience for many… including myself!!

It so happens, I will be in Corvallis, Oregon for an amazing wedding that weekend and only a short way from Salem.  Now, I will be included amongst one million plus visitors to see this great Eclipse! So exciting!!

Yes, maybe, I am a bit over zealous but I find things like this fun and exciting, lol, part of that geeky side of me. It really amazes me, the beauty of the earth, sun, moon and the stars.

Set your calendar for the BIG EVENT!  August 21, 2017

Click here for the official link: Total Eclipse 2017


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