Super Moon November 14, 2016 is the closest the moon has been since 1948 and will return 2034. So, what better time than now to kick off our own personal full moon rituals?

Do A Quick Cleanse 
Cleansing rituals are always useful, but they’re particularly relevant to the Mourning Moon, the last full moon before the winter months. Tradition holds that, at this time of year, we should let go of anything that doesn’t serve us — a bad habit, a difficult relationship, or needless grief. That way, when the year comes to an end in a matter of months, we’re already free from anything that was holding us back.

Just Go Outside
Though it might not be as balmy as it was back in June, going outside (and not just doing it for the ‘gram) during a full moon can still do wonders for your mindset. Some people suggest moon-bathing by taking a stroll around your favourite park or neighbourhood, you should be able to feel the renewing effects of the moon.

Charge Your Crystals
The full moon has major regenerative effects on healing crystals of all kinds. Think of it as an engine tune-up — leave your stones out overnight where the moonlight can touch them, whether outside or on a windowsill, and by morning their energetic properties will be renewed and realigned. Don’t worry about charging all of your crystals if you’ve amassed a bit of a collection, but it’s recommended that you make sure to charge any you use regularly.

Get To Manifesting
As we’ve discussed previously, full moons afford a natural opportunity to look inward and determine what you need most at this moment. Whether you spend the night journaling or meditating, the moonlight will lend a greater sense of clarity to your thoughts. Now is a perfect time to think about yourself apart from everything else that’s going on around you — in doing that, you’ll know better how to proceed. Reflect, set a plan, and see it through.

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