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Meet By Phone, Zoom or Facetime
A Visit with Spirit and Your Angels

Choose between phone, Zoom, or FaceTime video chat. Remote readings can be for one or two people. A personal 1:1 session with Angie, Spiritual Medium, Healer and Spiritual Life Coach is life changing for her clients seeking peace, happiness and validation in their lives.  You will experience a Spiritual connection and you will receive evidental personal messages from your loved ones who have passed, or guidance from your Angels and Guides for your own personal growth.  In this time, you could work through emotional blocks that have been holding you back in your personal and professional lives, change energy cords from negative events or people and for some healing a past-life event.  Angie will send you home with answers and powerful tools to use on your own spiritual journey.

PLEASE NOTE – it is very important to ensure Angie is aware of additional people in the room as this can affect the intended person’s spiritual experience and change the outcome significantly.

60 Minute Session  (Fee – $210 Per Person)

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The Perfect Sessions For YOU
The Introductory Three

An enlightening overview from the highest perspective! Working with intentional-life mentor, Angie Bell, and your executive team of spiritual assistance, learn to create the abundant, vital and fulfilling future you’ve imagined.

  • Session 1 
    You’ve Got Company!
    Meet your entourage of higher-level helpers, here to guide you in your quest for life success. You’re no longer alone.
  • Session 2
    Pathway to Clarity
    Learn WHY you’re here. Take the first step towards discovering what’s been holding you back all this time
  • Session 3
    Your New Chapter
    It’s time to resolve those limiting beliefs & energy blocks so you can ultimately live that joyous, rewarding life you deserve.

Engage Angie for all three introductory 60-minute sessions on your preferred days/ times and save over $75 on your best-life investment of only $555 USD. Separate sessions are $210 USD each. (payments are converted to Canadian dollars)

Please contact Angie to arrange details or BOOK NOW


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