Summer is officially here!


It’s that time of year we waited for and dreamed of on those rainy,snowy, dark and short winter days in November, December and January. For me, being outdoors every day soaking up the sunshine in my garden, on the beach or taking in oceanside walks are perfect times to heal my mind, body and spirit – naturally!  This is something we all can do with ease and little effort anywhere; giving ourselves time to heal our souls and our health is a truly a selfless gift.

This last week, you may have already seen on my Facebook Page, I had a knee issue and a bit of a pity party being laid up in bed.  Once I was able to find my way outside that all changed and I could feel my mind clear, my body breath and my spirit lighten.  Find that place where you feel all these things and more because we all have pity party moments and it’s ok, own it then move forward. The outdoors is the magical healer and when you are feeling stressed, out of sorts, frustrated, clouded, anxious find your way outside and breath, mediate or feel blessed with all that surrounds you.  Get out of the house, get out of the office every day, even make time by scheduling 10 minutes or longer to step outside.  You will thank yourself every night you did, I know I do.

Enjoy the parks and recreational places in your area, take an adventure and hike some place new, ride your bike in the trails, learn to kayak or paddle board and just  remember how free and easy it all feels.

Take this summer to heal and grow in ways you never considered before.



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