The Pisces New Moon is upon us and it is a beauty!

New Moons bring fresh starts and new beginnings. That are a time to plant seeds of intentions that will manifest over the next months ahead.

This moon is extra special because it is in harmony with Jupiter, the planet of luck, expansion and optimism.

Yet, this abundant growth calls for you to dive deep into the depths of your soul as well.

Jupiter has been in retrograde since March 8th and will be there until July. When a planet is in retrograde it requires us to revisit some of our inner processes. Jupiter retrograde reminds us that manifesting abundance is an inside job.  With the Sun and Moon in Pisces (the water sign) reminds us to go deep into ourselves and imagination to uncover some buried treasure.

Instead of simply thinking of the future, reflect on the past and acknowledge your journey of pain, trials and tribulations that have bought you where you are today.  Acknowledge the gifts and opportunities knowing all the experiences you have gone through have strengthen your soul. These strengths and experience are now yours to share with the world.

Wishing you all a brilliant New Moon!




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