Many of my clients hear we are in Mercury Retrograde, but what does this mean?  Let me try to explain it the best way I understand it.

In Astrology, the way the planets align in our Universe at different times of the year can influence us differently. When Mercury is in retrograde, our emotions run higher and perceived “bad” things happen – things just go awry.  Somehow, the planets appear to be traveling backward through the zodiac; this is an illusion, and this illusion is called retrograde motion.  Mercury appears to go backwards about four times a year for several days and sometimes for weeks! During this time, people experience feelings of being in a fog or off kilter, their anxiety and frustrations are up, and they are angrier, which makes communicating more difficult.  If you are an empath, you may find yourself blocked where you usually feel highly sensitive and intuitive.

You may have felt the shift over the years, but could not put a name to it until now – Mercury Retrograde.  Experience has taught me to be aware of these times and recognize you have to plan ahead, be prepared, and be flexible.  To name a few, Mercury rules communications, clear thinking, travel, vehicles, contracts/budgets, and electronics. So, when the retrograde occurs, take extra time to travel, avoid signing contracts and making final decisions, or buying a major purchase.  Small appliances and vehicles tend to glitch or breakdown, or technical difficulties happen with your electronic equipment, computer, or website.  You cannot stop living your life, so just remember that what you thought would happen in any situation during Mercury Retrograde could look different later on.  If you are hiring new personal, you will have difficultly choosing the right person for the job – if you can, hold off hiring.  If you are buying a new car, problems could creep up later that were completely unanticipated.  Double check any flights or transportation schedules, and take a book with you to keep occupied. Back up your data on your systems!  It is said to definitely not start a new relationship, new job, or long term projects.

During 2017, Mercury goes retrograde four times and if your sign is noted, you may feel this even more than other times:

December 19th, 2016 to January 8th, 2017 in the sign of Capricorn to the sign Sagittarius

April 9th to May 3rd in the sign of Taurus to the sign of Aries

August 12th to September 5th in the sign of Virgo to the sign of Leo

December 3rd to December 22 in the sign of Sagittarius

Ways to make the most of Mercury Retrograde:

  • One of the best ways to get through is “go with the flow” and be sure to not take things to personally. Things can be said that are really not intended.
  • Get together with old friends and have fun during this time – reminisce.
  • Go down memory lane and re-listen to old music.
  • Clean out your closets (this is a life changer every time I do).
  • Relax and take care of yourself.  Get the old checklist out:
    • Getting enough sleep – a solid 8 hours
    • Drinking lots of water
    • Light exercise and stretching
    • Epsom salt bath
    • Read – turn the tv off earlier
    • Research how rejuvenate your sacred space
    • Rewrite personal goals and rework you mantra

This is a good time to reflect on areas of life and what we need to work on a little more. It is a time to finish projects that have been at loose ends and file things away forever so we can move forward with clear eyes and minds. This time might reveal breakthroughs intellectually, emotionally, or spiritually with new perspectives created. I had read that Mercury Retrograde “is a perfect to take part in anything that starts with re- except “react!”  So it is time to refresh, revive, review, reboot, rebound, recall, reconcile, recover, reflect, recycle, re-elect, research, refinish, refocus…you get the idea!

Stay aware of the four 2017 Mercury Retrograde cycles as it will pay you dividends to take an extra few moments for a second and third look before you move forward!

In love and light,



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