Have you felt overwhelmed, fragile or disorganized?

Whether we are aware or not, we are all continually transitioning, moving forward, and under-going a process that has brought us where we are today.

One day you stop and realize that you are where you once dreamt you would be, wondering how you exactly got there. Another day, you know exactly how you have arrived and where you stand through the constant changes that occur during the day. In either event, it is extremely important to STOP, BREATH, AND LOVE the path you have chosen. The Universe is always listening to wishes and intentions sent—be at peace, they are answered and returned. Sometimes the timing can be off or everything will come at once. This may leave you overwhelmed and a bit confused, or you receive a wish when you may have changed your mind and it is not what you truly wanted.

Life is always moving us forward, even when we feel stuck; know this is the Universe giving us time to find the clarity needed to move forward. It is a time to remove old intentions and clearly set new ones.

Reflecting and evaluating is what I am sharing with you to help ease your way through every transition.

Take the time for yourself to review, reflect, and re-evaluate all that has occured in your world. Journal your discoveries and you will have a place to start again for the next time you feel the shift happening.

Find a point in time to start from and where you are right now. Perhaps it is your relationship or your career. It could be your dreams of travel, owning business, or a home – any point important to you will do!

Look at your life events or challenges and love where you have come from because it has brought you here today.

Forgive yourself – that was the best you could do with what you knew at any point of time.

Value yourself – trust you are exactly where you are supposed to be.

Embrace the perceived failures or regrets – they are all perfect lessons designed for you.

Let go of any judgment – it was necessary for you to get here. A good time to forgive those who may have triggered emotions and realize there is a gift in it for you.

Thank yourself for the opportunities and challenges taken, for they have made you a stronger person. Now realize that each experience is needed for the experience. Honour yourself by taking time to slow down, rest, and tune-in with simply being in your own vibration. Be still and you will see. Thank your old self with love and gentleness so it allows the big shift you have been experiencing to seamlessly integrate.

Gratitude is key to welcoming your shifts and expansions. Be happy; you are blessed with where you are and what you have at this given moment. Always find at least 5 things you can be grateful for every day – it will allow you to receive what is yet to come.

Intentions can be re-evaluated and set again.  Be mindful of what you are intending. Be clear, be positive, and be ready to receive.  Cancel, clear, and delete any intentions you are no longer in alignment with. You are ready to move forward again! Once you learn the laws of the Universe, then step by step, you will begin see results in creating the life you desire.

Ask for Support if you are finding it difficult to move forward. Take the time to ask the Universe, your Angels, and Spirit for signs that you are heading in the right direction.  Ask for support from me; I have experience in coaching or guiding people through a transition.  Know I am here to help make your journey as enjoyable as possible.

Love the life you have created! In all your transitions – now and in the future – continue to create your happiness and joy with great ease, gentleness, and loving support.

In love and light,



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