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Tonight, September 16th is the Harvest Moon and the one moon for me that signals the warm summer nights are near gone and cool fall days are close behind.  This time again is to Release all those things that no longer serve you. You may not have the time to do a complete Full Moon Meditation so consider this:

Take 5 minutes to mediate and connect with your breath. Silently listen to what you need to release at this time.  Ask yourself what no longer serves you in your life, be it a daily habit, old beliefs of value and abundant or negative self-talk or clutter. Trust what you hear, see or feel. Silently ask Spirit to help you release what needs to be released at this time. Trust what you hear, see or feel.

Continue to meditate 5 minutes than come out slowly.
Now journal, note  or visualize what come forward.

Time to Release now that you are in a good space and your intuition is centred and peaceful.  Visualize writing what came forward on a piece of paper,  then see yourself tossing that piece of paper into a fire  then saying You no longer serve my highest good.  Be gone once and for all.  I am done with you.”

In closing:

“Thank you, Spirit, for how these things have served me until this point in my life. Thank you for removing these things that no longer serve me. And so it is. It is done.”





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