Clairvoyance means “clear seeing,” and it is one of the major psychic abilities. This ability allows you to tap into the knowledge of your own soul and the collective knowledge of all souls in the universe, including those past and those not yet manifest. If you are clairvoyant, you can receive intuitive information through colors, images, visions, dreams and symbols. This “inner sight” is usually very subtle and will typically happen within your mind’s eye. You may also tend to particularly appreciate the beautiful things in life and love creative hobbies, like painting, drawing or photography. This has to do with the fact that clairvoyance is strongly related to your visual senses. So, if creative hobbies rock your world, it’s a sign that you might be clairvoyant.

With clairvoyance, you likely have a strong appreciation for aesthetically pleasing, clean and neat, uncluttered spaces. A clear setting means clear seeing! You may also love being in nature, especially if it’s particularly scenic. You have a tendency to see how everything fits together before others do, and you may be a master at complex problem solving. It’s very likely that you have an especially strong imagination, connected to your flair for creativity.

While you have the ability to receive clairvoyant images, it is important that you’re also able to understand and interpret them in order to use the visions. If the images don’t make any sense to you, you can ask (silently or aloud) the Higher Spirits/Angels to clarify them. Answers from the Higher Spirits will probably come through feelings, thoughts or sounds. In the beginning, they may seem a bit vague or random. Don’t worry! This is totally normal. Just trust yourself and the Higher Spirits and repeat your question. They will send you the answer in different ways until it is totally clear for you. Additionally, keep in mind that dreams may be visions or tell stories that provide insights on what is happening in real life.

It may be that you have discredited your clairvoyant abilities as daydreams, a wandering mind, wishful thinking or simply your imagination. This is not strange at all and is in fact quite common! Our intuitive abilities manifest from the same side – the right side – of the brain that houses our creative centers, including imagination, and this imagination carries the seeds of clairvoyant visions and shapes. This means that they’ll manifest in the same way as other creative expressions of your soul: via imagery.

In order to develop your clairvoyance, it is important to focus on and strengthen the third eye chakra. This chakra is located just above your eyebrows and is claimed to be responsible for visual clairvoyant abilities, such as seeing visions, flashes and symbols. Working on opening and strengthening the third eye helps to hone and control your abilities. Doing this takes away some of the fear and anxiety that plagues the untrained psychic. This is because you’ll see most of your visions inside your mind’s eye.

Another key to working with and improving your clairvoyant abilities is to have faith and believe in what you see. If you don’t discredit your clairvoyant abilities as a daydream, wandering mind, wishful thinking or just your imagination, you can achieve so much and live according to your fullest potential.


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