Clairsentience is the ability to feel or sense things beyond the physical realm. It is often referred to as “clear feeling” or “clear sensing.” People with this ability may experience physical sensations, such as pressure, heat or cold, as well as emotional and mental sensations, such as fear, love or anger. They may also have a strong sense of feeling or intuition about things, which can be difficult to explain or rationalize. Clairsentience is also known as the “6th sense,” or the sense of intuition. People who experience clairsentience are sensitive to energy and can feel energy inside and outside of themselves in a more intuitive way.

Being clairsentient means that you are aware of the flow of energetic vibrations through your own body. Such energy may include, but is not limited to, how others are feeling (even when they aren’t around) and spiritual perceptions, such as a feeling when a departed loved one or an Angel walks with you, or the brush of a tail on your legs from a beloved pet that has passed. If you are clairsentient, you can likely feel the physical pain of others. You may also be able to pick up on the feelings of Angels and spirits. Goosebumps, or Angel bumps, are a confirmation from your spirit team, letting you know that they are around and confirming any questions you have. Next time you have goosebumps, pay attention to what you were thinking or asking when you felt them.


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