Clairgustance, also spelled clairgustation, is the ability to taste things beyond the physical realm, and means “clear tasting.” It is linked with clairalience, or “clear smelling,” and these two abilities often go hand in hand. People with this ability may taste things that are not physically present, such as a specific food or drink, or a metallic or bitter taste. They may also taste things in their mind or through their psychic senses, such as a taste that indicates that a spirit is present. This is a psychic ability to experience the physical sensation of taste quite randomly, without anything entering into your mouth. The odd thing about this ability is that what’s being tasted isn’t always food; it could be a tree, a place or even a dirty sock! The sense of taste is a powerful tool and can bring forth very strong emotions. It has the ability to make you feel nostalgic, sad, happy or homesick. Connecting with all your different senses is a great way to use them spiritually and to allow yourself to open up to spirits and Angels who are wanting to contact you. All our senses are important when we are wanting to open up to spirits, as they can communicate in so many different ways! 

Interestingly, many scientists believe that the majority of our sense of taste is actually our sense of smell. So, in order to develop your clairgustance, it is important to also work with your sense of smell (your clairalient skills). When you are eating, pay attention to the scents of the food. Recall smells, and the emotions that they bring, and which tastes they may go hand in hand with. 

Another way of developing your clairgustance ability is to test yourself! Have a friend tell you when they are eating, but not what they are eating. When you know they’re eating, sit down and close your eyes and focus on your friend. Imagine them in your mind, see them eating and open up the psychic bridge between you and them. Can you tune into your friend’s experiences? Can you sense a distinct taste in your mouth? What do you think they are eating? When you think you know, ask them what they were eating. Did you get it right? Don’t worry if you keep getting it wrong. This takes time, and sometimes you need to work at it to be able to connect with your friend’s sense of taste.


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