Claircognizance means “clear knowing” and is the ability to predict events based on a gut feeling that is consistently proven accurate. This is what makes claircognizance such a gift of truth to those who possess it. You cannot know the future through your five physical senses, but you can if you have psychic abilities. If you are claircognizant, your deep inner knowing exceeds logic and reason, and you’re able to foresee certain situations and/or outcomes. People with claircognizance often receive “downloads” of information that can feel like the knowledge is poured in through the top of their head. They appear very random and at times when you are working, watching TV, running, or otherwise, doing something completely unrelated. You may be watching the newest episode of Game of Thrones, driving in your car, or working out in the gym, when an idea or a solution to a problem just pops up in your head.

People with claircognizance have a nose for insincerity and almost nothing gets past them. Even when someone is simply being insincere with their sentiments or expressions of emotion, someone with claircognizance is able to discern this. If you are claircognizant, you may feel like a human lie detector! People with claircognizance are often able to anticipate what other people are about to say, and they sometimes respond even before the other person has finished a full sentence, because they already know what’s coming. They may also find that they’ll be thinking of someone and receive a call from that person not long after.

If you are claircognizant, it is important to pay attention to your inner knowing or intuition, as this will help you develop your self-confidence.


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