Clairaudience is the ability to hear things beyond the physical realm, often referred to as “clear hearing.” People with this ability may hear sounds, voices or music that are not audible to others. They may also hear things internally, such as a voice in their head, or messages from spirits or guides. The voice of clairaudience is the voice of our spirit that guides us and tells us the truth. This comes from a different place than the inner critic or the old patterns of the mind that repeat the same doubts or fantasies. This is guidance! If you had an imaginary friend you talked to as a child, this could be an early sign of clairaudience. This friend may have been a spirit guide appearing in a form that made sense to you.

People with this predominant clair tend to be excellent speakers, to understand the importance of verbal communication and to want to be heard. They tend to remember conversations from their dreams very clearly. Clairaudient people are very sensitive to music, are musically inclined, and they have a deep soul connection to music and sound. Many clairaudient people are auditory learners, and will prefer listening to an audiobook instead of reading the print version, for example. Clairaudience can involve a ringing sound in the ears, which may be a call from heaven asking you to pay attention to a message they are sending you. Clairaudient people are usually highly sensitive, both emotionally and physically. This is why a lot of noise might make you feel tired and irritated, if you are clairaudient.


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