Clairalience, meaning “clear smelling,” is a psychic sense of smell. It is linked with clairgustation, or “clear tasting,” and these two abilities often go hand in hand. Since this power is beyond normal perception, this is often referred to as a miraculous part of the “6th sense.” Using clairalience abilities, people can invoke memory and feelings and even see future events based on the smells that they sense. If you are clairalient, you may be able to sense the presence of departed loved ones through scents that are closely linked to them, such as cigars, cigarettes or perfume. Smelling something that you can’t physically see is a sign of clairalience, and a highly developed sense of it at that! With clairalience, your intuition is heightened, and you may be able to receive messages from Angels or your spirit team in the form of scents. If you smell roses while meditating, but there are no natural roses around you, the scent likely indicates the presence of spirit or an Angel with you. Sneezing fits are also another potential sign of clairalient abilities; if you find yourself overwhelmed with sneezing, and you can’t seem to figure out why, this may indicate clairalience rather than an allergy attack.

When you experience the signature scent of a loved one in Spirit, this is often a sign that their spirit is with you, wanting you to know they’re near. Even if you find yourself smelling scents that remind you of people you had a difficult past with, it could be their spirit attempting to make things right by causing you to remember and process your feelings. When you suspect that this is happening, try to take a moment to acknowledge that you sense their spirit. Try talking to them or recalling memories that you have of them. The smell may be brief or long lasting; either way, try to see it as the gift that it is.


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