Light within, smile, love

Light~ Happy Thoughts~ Love

We are heading into this week with cards that want us to draw to the light, to take a look within, to see the light and the love in yourself, in other people, or even a memory that makes you happy.   With the Mercury Retrograde approaching us August 30-September 22, take the time to reflect, as you may feel like things slowing up, little things go amiss, or resurface.  It may feel like you are going backwards but know what you are seeking or asking for will happen soon in a happy way! Be open to discovering new ways to take you to the places you love, let your light tell the story of your journey. Shine your light from within and own it~ a beautiful way to attract your true desires.  This can be a time of great explorations even though we know retrograde is upon us!

In love and light,




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