Archangel Raphael

Good Morning!

To start the day and week off I asked the Angels what is it we need to  know, what message do you have for us?   So this is the card : Archangel Raphael -however being human I thought then grabbed my other deck and asked “are you sure?”  The card of Horus flips over and states: “you are seeing this situation accurately” –  this is a crazy and wonderful Angel message about trust if anything else!

Archangel Raphael is the healing Angel who works with healers and the green light energy. He is here to help guide you to find the treatments on this earthly plain heal your body or animals that may physical or spiritual challenges.  Ask and he will assist by sending spiritual healing through energy of green light, this energy is absorbed where it is needed. Archangel Raphael will guide healers who call upon his help before and during treatments.  Know that he is around if you see sparkles or flashes of green light.

He is  also the Patron of Travelers and will aide in safe travel assuring all details goes well.  Again call upon Raphael and he will guide and protect.

In love and light,

Angie ❤️



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