Power, love ,safe

Today and moving forward the card of the day will read for today and tomorrow for those ahead in Australia and Europe.

Power (Healing with the Angels) comes after the very strong energy of the solstice full moon.  Today is all about the power within, your personal power that you have available to you.  This is a safe time to let yourself express the power of Devine love, spiritualism, and wisdom you are so tapped into.  We all have the power to see Angels, Spirit and the future, we have the power to connect with the universal wisdom of a collective mind, we have the emotional power to empathize, and our physical power is truly unlimited.  Today, stand tall and release any fears to the Angels and allow yourself to see the true power of Devine love~ this is where we shine and when our power can be felt throughout the world.  Some say it’s when miracles happen.

In Devine love and light,




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