Angel Card of the Day #44

You are seeing the situation accurately

Good Morning!

Horus, an Egyptian god, is very clear today ” trust your intuition and gut feelings”.  You may not have many or any people supporting your views at this time but ingore the critics and watch them come around. Know you are supported by Spirit and do what is right for you, take charge &  let go of any self-doubt.





Angel Card of the Morning #13

Goddess, Athena,

Good Morning Monday!!
Athena is from the Goddess Oracle Cards ~ she speaks to your inner wisdom.  Stop giving your power to others, know that you can trust your inner wisdom, it will always guide you when you take the time to listen.
Try not to second guess yourself as we all have then realizing shortly afterwards, we were right the first time!
Let’s take notice and have no second guesses today!!!



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