Angel Card of the Day #48

Healing Angels

Govod Morning!

I hope your sleep was full of wonderful messages!

Dreams…do you remember your dreams from last night or do you have a reoccurring dream? Dreams lots of times are little messages from your loved ones who have passed or your Angels.
Listen and trust your dreams as the can bring you guidence, support and peace. You may have heard this before, keep a little journal beside your bedside and jot down what you remember even a couple of words will jog the memory.

This card also shows your Dreams or wishes are at a place where you are near achieving them, keep up the good work and good times are ahead.

Sending out loads of love and light,



Angel Card of the Day #44

You are seeing the situation accurately

Good Morning!

Horus, an Egyptian god, is very clear today ” trust your intuition and gut feelings”.  You may not have many or any people supporting your views at this time but ingore the critics and watch them come around. Know you are supported by Spirit and do what is right for you, take charge &  let go of any self-doubt.






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