Spiritual Medium Courtenay

Spiritual Medium Courtenay

Spiritual Medium Courtenay Spiritual Coach

I am a Spiritual Medium and throughout my life I have been faced with many events and experiences that I could not explain. Like my little ghost friend who I played with at 4 years old in our little pink house; or at 15 years old the feeling of my grandmother’s passing of cancer, where I could feel her spirit go through me with immense joy and peace before seeing her in full form happy and free…since then I was wide open and soon learned that spirit, including my spirit guides and Angels, was eager to communicate.

With guided support, teachings and experience, I have come to understand how I can work with a higher vibrating energy. My life has evolved to who I am today where I no longer question my 5th generation gift and accept that it’s a part of who I am. I believe spirit had guided me this far and fully accept the joy it brings to those who have found their way to my door.

My belief is that everyone is intuitive at one level or another. Those who are gifted are strongly compelled to be of service by sharing and/or teaching. I have been working with spirit for over 20 years quietly from my home most evenings and weekends, either in person or by phone. I realized more and more that I could give total strangers peace and joy knowing their loved ones, even their animals were safe, happy, and always close. Throughout the years and right to this day, I give each person guidence to trust they too can find their own spiritual connections and I love to share what I can through spiritual coaching.

~ In Love and Light, Angie Bell


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