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Rhonda M, Florida, USA

You have given such comfort with your wonderful gift. Your knowledge of the owl visit was incredible. I found an owl feather the next day in the yard! I know my son is at peace and an angel is looking over me. Bless you always. Love and peace.

Stephenie Courtnay, B.C.

I had a party of 3 and Angie made everyone feel comfortable and open to the experience. It was awesome I had goosebumps and was quite emotional. We all had loved ones come and bring messages of love and reassurance. It was fantastic and I would recommend her to anyone.  

Barb, Comox, B.C

I went to have a reading with Angie a couple months ago. I was pleased that the important people in my life that have left this earth came through to guide me in my future plans. Angie told me when they leave, they will all be leaving with you! When I got in my car, and started it, my husband’s favorite song started to play. I thought to myself, yes, you are with me. It was great therapy, and for anyone else struggling with the loss of a loved one(s). I’ve already booked my next appointment for my next reading! People like Angie truly have the gift to communicate and help us along our painful journey….thanks so much Angie!

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