Section 1: Introduction - Design Inspiration

We wanted to base the visual design options on words that the site should evoke to the user. We brainstormed on some words as you can see below. These words largely informed the visual design (e.g. the selection of photos, the layout, the colors, the typography). To summarize Visual Option 1 is based upon Calm & Tranquility while Visual Option 2 is based upon Love (Option 2 is still in progress).

Section 2: Content and Navigation Changes (for both options)


Home Page

Changes we made were:

  • Top section:
    • We’ve changed the photo of you in the top section of the Home page and made the image a link to the “About Angie” (the “About Angie” page has not been created yet) page to allow users to jump directly to more detailed information about you. 99% of people click on photos and expect it to go somewhere.
  • Angels and Spiritual Readings section:
    • We combined the “Angels” and “Spiritual Readings” sections on the “Home” page because they were both services you offered. We renamed the combined section to “Healings and Readings”.
    • Each service you offer is presented as a “card”. Each card provides a link to the appropriate section on a new,separate “Healings and Readings” page (the “Healings and Readings” page has not yet been created). By showing potential customers a glimpse of each service, then providing a link to get more details, we help customers feel less pressured because they won’t see prices on the “Home” page but rather can jump directly to more in-depth descriptions, including price, on a separate detailed service description page.
  • Praise
    • We renamed the “Praise” section to “Testimonials”. In this context of spirits and angels the word praise was a little confusing as we weren’t sure who the praise was for and praise can mean a variety of things.
    • We added a link to a comprehensive “Testimonials” (the Testimonials page has not been created yet) page.
    • We added a way for users to leave their own testimonial (not yet functional).

The above changes are visualized in the Section 3: New Navigation and Pages (e.g. Site Map) below. Also in addition to direct linking from an element on a page to another page (or section of the other page) all pages can be navigated to at anytime from the main top navigation.

Blog Page

We know you had some concerns with your current “Blog” page and we need to discuss further to understand if the problems had to do with ease of authoring or some other challenge you were having. Until we understand that further we have at least created a new “Blog” page with a template from a new plug-in* we installed.

  • We combined your current “Inspiration” and “Blog” pages to reduce pages on the site, and well as increase number of posts making you look more active on your blog.
  • * The premium version of the Blog plug-in will allow photos to be displayed for each Blog entry. The premium plug-in costs a one time fee of $29 dollars.

Angels Page

  • We removed the “Angels” page. We felt like this decreased your credibility because it is a little confusing about who the cards are directed to and what “Angels” meant because it was used in a few different ways throughout your site.

Navigation Bar (planned updates)

Here are the pages that will appear in the top main navigation bar (left to right order is yet to be determined):

  • Home
  • Healings & Readings
  • Appointments
  • Testimonials (We added a new “Testimonials” page so users can view all testimonials as well as leave their own. The “Testimonials” page has not been created yet.)
  • Blog
  • About Angie
  • Removed: Inspiration: See above.
  • Removed: Contact Angie: We added the “Contact Angie” section to the “About Angie” page. The “About Angie” page has not been update to reflect these changes yet.
  • Removed: Angels: Described above.


Section 3: New Navigation and Pages (e.g. Site Map)

We’ve simplified the number of pages on your site as you can see from the Site Map below. One way in which to create simplicity is to have less pages and combine “like-content” as described in Section 2.


Section 4: Visual Option 1 - Calm & Tranquil

For Option 1 our inspiration was calm and tranquil. We went with a lighter, more airy color palette and photos that were of a lighter nature. The new layout is simpler and not as busy.

To see Option 1 we created two pages for you to review:

  • Home page (the pictures in the “Healings & Readings” section are place holders)
  • Blog page
Section 5: Visual Option 2 - Love

For Option 2 our inspiration was love and glowing. We once again chose a lighter pallet but changed the color scheme from light green to light pink. We used the same layout as option one.

Below is the Option 2 home page

  • Home page (the pictures in the “Healings & Readings” section are place holders)

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