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It’s December already and I can’t even believe that the year is coming to an end!  Can you? December arrives and we tend to start with the lists of what to do, checking it a thousand times with the feeling you are running out of time.  The anticipation for the holidays comes with a bit of stress and anxiety, I am certain it’s all my doing in hopes to create good memories for the family.  Perhaps my attempts to create in an anxious state has made others feel that angst and overwhelm in past years too.  My intention now is to create joy and less stress moving forward. 

This year my children are grown and adulting in their own ways, so I have been making a conscious effort to change how to manage the stress and create more joy!  We have told the family “less”is more. So focus on less running around, less stuff that is potentially returned and more close family time.  We will spend the holidays with our immediate but also extended family of parents, brothers and sisters and I have shared this with them.  

With the many challenges and loses this past year,  I want to focus on being more present and connected with those I have the privilege of knowing and loving.  I want to feel the calm, the ease of being just who we are in these precious moments.  Slowing down and taking the time together that connects us is the best gift of all.  Listening to each others dreams and stories, creating the laughter and joy that is remembered for decades. 

Intentionally making the effort to slow down and enjoying what I  have is the change I am seeking.  Slowing down in a time when everything seems to speed right up.  How you may ask will I do this?  

First, the same thing I tell all my clients,  to breath! Take the time to stop and take a deep and intentional breathe to calm down, balance and centre.  Deep breath work is a calming tool everyone has access to. Simply stop, breath and slow down.  

Second, meditate with my intention of creating joy in my life and to be consistent with my practice. Reminding myself of blessings and gifts I have everyday- my gratitudes. 

Last to release and declutter the little things that keep finding there way into my day like emails and messages to buy or sites I haven’t spent anytime in the past 3 months or more. Giving my time to being of service and my own personal well-being. You all know what I mean, getting lost in electronics and taking responsibility not to get caught up in it!  It’s part of the overwhelm and lost time. 

The new year is coming so reflect on the past year and declutter as we are moving into a new decade where we can continue to find our joy. 

Our lights are up which give us joy and fewer decorations out, I feel good and ready to spend December in the spirit of joy and peace for all.  I am going to be intentional, slow down, breathe and find the joy in each day! 

I was inspired to write this after reading a piece by Maria Shriver and her prayer which is absolutely beautiful for the month of December.

A prayer by Maria Shriver 

Dear God, please help me stay calm and centred these weeks leading up to Christmas. Help me remember the spirit of this season, and not get caught up in the pressure of rushing around and buying a bunch of stuff. May I feel joy this December and remember that this time of year is a gift in itself. Amen.

Happy Holidays and love to you all, 


Your June Freebie is here!


Hello my Friends,

Sizzling HOT!!! You ready for the Summer of 2018?  I have my sun hat, 40+ spf lotion, towel and chair in the back of the car ready to go the beach! Living on Vancouver Island and in the Comox Valley lends itself to scads of BEACHES and water spots, (we keep our secret spot quiet, lol!)  The layer of sand in the back of the car has begun to accumulate and that always means FUN IN THE SUN with my guy Darin!

June is a magical month and always full of happy, light energy and great abundance. It’s a time to lighten up and live it up!  We have just passed the Summer Solstice and I am excited to share with all of you a way to let go of any worries or blocks that have been weighing you down.

For me, I love this time to let go of any negative self-talk and replace with a new positive affirmation or letting people or situations go that I need not control or be controlled by any longer.  Make it fun and light and try not to do it all at once…there are many moons ahead!

This June is the month of the Strawberry Moon, a full moon will shine and light up the night skies on June 28, it signals the half way point of 13 full moons this calendar year.

It is a time for a spiritual cleanse and with the Freebie: Full Moon Release Guide and Moon Calendar you will be set to take on the summer, fresh and clear!



Love, Light and Gratitude,

Angie xo











































The Secret Ingredient to the Secret Sauce…

The Secret Ingredient to the Secret Sauce…

Hello My Friends!

If I was to say I had the “secret” to the secret sauce you would want to know, wouldn’t you? In my earlier years, I was seeking out what was the perfect solution to connecting and communicating with Spirit, the Angels and my Spirit Guides. What process do I need for this and that, I was and (I still do) seek out ways to improve clarity, dreams, goals, life purpose, you name it I have likely looked into it or tried what others feel is the magic.

What is the secret?

It’s the one thing I realized when done daily I was able to keep centred, focused and inspired. A simple and powerful task included in my daily practice of meditation and grounding is to… journal.

Yes, how simple is that. Journaling- who knew it, right! Sometimes, easier said then done however once I realized how powerful journaling can be it has become many things to me over the last 30 years. Ok, let me tell you first, life gets in the way some days, weeks and even months but I have always come back and found this practice comfortable and trustworthy, like a good ol’ pair of jeans. There is no perfect way to journal except to have a note book and good pen with lots of ink.

What do I journal?

Every morning and evening, I journal my gratitudes; if nothing else this is what I feel is a must do.  I use the journal for automatic writing on to find inspiration, to get what’s in my head out without any filter. This is how I met my first Spirit Guide and realized what an amazing spiritual tool journaling was and I have taught many others to do the same.  Journaling on the New Moon is essential to creating and manifesting things into our lives: while equally important on the Full Moon as we journal the things that no longer serve us for releasing.  You are truly giving self-care when you make time to write, it is extremely healing. On occasions, I have gone back and read where my thoughts and feeling had been and can see the growth and progress as well as things that are still blocking me and not fully healed.  The journey of the journal, lol, love it! As we all are make our way through this journey of life any tools to help guide us through is welcomed. I challenge you to make time for journaling for 7 days, then continue for another 7 days then another until you make it a happy habit, I guarantee your soul, your inner self will thank you for it and I know Spirit, the Angels and the Universe will be listening.

Give yourself the gift of a Daily Practice

4 – Easy Steps

  1. I wake and say : THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU – Wayne Dyer practiced this every day and I adopted it as well.
  2. I keep a journal right at my bedside and before I get up and brush my teeth I journal 3 things I am grateful for…
    1. I am grateful for a warm and cozy bed. 
    2. I am grateful for the gifts I have been given.
    3. I am grateful for Darin, Carter and Alyssa who bring me joy everyday.  
  3. I set an affirmation for the day, it can be one you are using as your mantra or one you would like to focus on this day like:

Joy is my highest purpose.

I am worthy of love.

May abundance come easily and effortless to me.

4. The last thing I do is at night just before I go to sleep, I write and say all the things that I was grateful for that day and one last THANK YOU.

Taking these few moments each day will build a foundation for a lovely self-care practice; it will expand as you grow with only 5 minutes of journaling, 5 minutes of grounding and a 10 minute meditation.

You can do it!!!

Remember its not how you start, its how you finish and I can say that the journey continues to be incredible!

With love light and gratitude,








Ground Now!!! Its impossible not to do it right!

Ground Now!!! Its impossible not to do it right!

Hello My Friends

Wow! We are flying into April and loving it!  April brings out so many great things like hope for warmer weather, more time outside which I know we all love, new blossoms and fresh leaves. The winter weather is really now behind us.   This is a time when I am out in the yard and garden planning for that urban summer harvest.  I am digging in the soil and freshening up the beds, racking the grass and soaking in any warmth of the sun. While I am outside enjoying the beauty, I am grounding and connecting with Mother Earth. When we ground, it helps us find our centre, calms us down, and we then can focus and have more clarity on any situation that faces us.

Grounding can be as simple as stepping outside your front door, breathing in the air and letting the energy flow through your body or you can take a quick visualization trip from the comfort of your living room to bring you to a place of centre, peace and wholeness.  This is a practice I do daily and in every session I have with my clients to be able to connect with ease to Spirit and the Angels.  I recommend it to everyone who may be needing a way to find calm, order and just plan sanity in a stressful situation.

In the last email, I spoke of meditation and how important it is the build a small practice daily and adding in grounding to that daily practice will only amplify the benefits of the your self-care and spiritual tool kit.

I have included a 5 minute daily grounding meditation for you to follow or give you an idea of how you can co-create your own grounding practice.

Please enjoy and I would love to hear how you have work this practice into your day!






New Moon In Pisces, New Moon for Healing

New Moon In Pisces, New Moon for Healing

The Pisces New Moon is upon us and it is a beauty!

New Moons bring fresh starts and new beginnings. That are a time to plant seeds of intentions that will manifest over the next months ahead.

This moon is extra special because it is in harmony with Jupiter, the planet of luck, expansion and optimism.

Yet, this abundant growth calls for you to dive deep into the depths of your soul as well.

Jupiter has been in retrograde since March 8th and will be there until July. When a planet is in retrograde it requires us to revisit some of our inner processes. Jupiter retrograde reminds us that manifesting abundance is an inside job.  With the Sun and Moon in Pisces (the water sign) reminds us to go deep into ourselves and imagination to uncover some buried treasure.

Instead of simply thinking of the future, reflect on the past and acknowledge your journey of pain, trials and tribulations that have bought you where you are today.  Acknowledge the gifts and opportunities knowing all the experiences you have gone through have strengthen your soul. These strengths and experience are now yours to share with the world.

Wishing you all a brilliant New Moon!



3 Things They Don’t Tell You About Meditation

3 Things They Don’t Tell You About Meditation

Hello my Friends,


I have been off the newsletter for awhile; life happens and you know the saying, “something has to give” which was my newsletter until today!

You can find my posts DAILY Oracle Messages and Guidance on Facebook page or Instagram and Facebook Lives which I am working on more!  I LOVE when you comment, so please keep those coming.

March is a big month, it is the beginning of spring with new opportunities and ideas starting to flooding in. It’s time to plan, to start fresh and clear the clutter getting ready for the longer days ahead.  I have been blessed to live in a place where we are seeing the snowdrops and crocus blooming with the daffodils following closely behind.  I love to garden and have been planning for this years planting with dreams of beautiful flowers, fruits and vegetables growing abundantly in the back yard.  This spring has also had me planning for what I could share with you.  

I have created a series of blogs about the Intuitive Tools I use to connect with myself, Spirits, my Spirit Guides and Angels.  Each day I am so blessed to communicated and receive messages and guidance. It is wonderful knowing that we are not alone and our Spirit/Soul never dies, we are eternal beings having this human experience.  It’s true what I do might seem incredible to some but my belief has always been that we are all gifted and can connect to our higher-self with just a little guidance and practice.  


3 Things They Don’t Tell You About Meditation


#1 What they don’t tell you is that it is HARD to quiet a busy mind and after a few attempts you say want to say to heck with it! 

You have likely heard or been told over the years that you to need to quiet your mind, clear it so to get the whole experience.  Meanwhile, you are making your grocery list, mentally picking up the kids, doing your taxes and creating the next weeks to-do list and it goes on and on. 

Just know that we have like 60-80, 000 thoughts flying though our minds every day so it is unrealistic to think you can totally quiet the mind the first try or ten.  The  #1 key to meditation is your BREATHE, and by listening to your breathe it will allow you to find that moment of calm and peace.  Try for only a minute take a deep breath and just notice the air flowing in and out like a wave on the beach.  Taking a few moments each day to do breathe work, its a form of meditation, a small one but it can bring you back to center and starts a practice to build on. 

 #2 What they don’t tell you is that meditation can be done anywhere at anytime.

Meditation is best when you can carve out 30 minutes or more to start your day but that is not always possible.  A meditation can be 10 minutes or even 30 seconds, there is no hard rules to this practice but the longer you give to practicing meditation the more you will benefit from the residual benefits. The benefits learning to trust your own intuition and feelings, to connecting to your own Spirit Guides and Angels.  Meditation can be sitting quietly and repeating a centering word or phrase in sanskit or it can be painting or gardening or taking a run or walking the beach. When your mind is clear and distracted by a joyful activity it allows your higher self to be open to receiving.  Meditation can help us find the answers we seek from others and really they are right there with us. 

#3 What they don’t tell you is that meditation is a simple practice and can change your life. 

When learning anything new and a little out our comfort zone it feels awkward and even weird to do.  Like when we first started to walk it was foreign and we would fall down often but would find our way up again. Meditation is similar, once you get the hang of it you will want to keep going. Our breathe connects us to our bodies, mind and higher-self; in these moments we dissolve whatever happened before that moment and whatever is going to happen after this moment by just finding space, closing our eyes and sitting tall while noticing our audible breath. Some may need to start with a mantra ” I choose to let go”  or ” so hum” .  Now is a time to listen to your body and honour what you may feel physically, emotionally or intuitively in the present moment.   

I encourage you to start your practice, all it needs is a bit of time, an open mind and open heart. 


love, light and gratitude,















































The Eclipse is Coming!!!

The Eclipse is Coming!!!

Full Solar Eclipse

August 21, 2017

Starts: 9:05

Totality starts: 10:15

Salem, Oregon and Area for first views.

The moon phases have always been an important part of my routine, with the Full Moon Releases and the New Moon Intentions. A Full Eclipse of the Sun…

This just doesn’t happen every month or year! I remember that first time I witnessed a full eclipse, I was in grade 5 and we made little viewers out of paper towel and toilet rolls, mirrors, and a tissue with a pin hole because you are not look direction into the sun. Depending where you are, you my get a chance to witness this so get out and get yourself view or make your own.

Jump ahead a couple of years and here it is again, a Full Solar Eclipse on August 21st, 2017 starting in Salem at 9:05 am until total coverage at 10:15 am where then it will partially cover over the next hour or so. There will be approximately 2 minutes of total darkness and we will be able to see the moon completely cover the sun and see the solar corona which you can learn more about from the link below.

People are flocking from all over the world to view on the west coast in Salem, Oregon and the surrounding area as this will be the first place the eclipse will happen before it travels through to the east. This eclipse will prove to be an amazing experience for many… including myself!!

It so happens, I will be in Corvallis, Oregon for an amazing wedding that weekend and only a short way from Salem.  Now, I will be included amongst one million plus visitors to see this great Eclipse! So exciting!!

Yes, maybe, I am a bit over zealous but I find things like this fun and exciting, lol, part of that geeky side of me. It really amazes me, the beauty of the earth, sun, moon and the stars.

Set your calendar for the BIG EVENT!  August 21, 2017

Click here for the official link: Total Eclipse 2017

What Happens When We Die?

What Happens When We Die?

This week has been difficult with a passing of a close friend, sudden and unexpected. I am so grateful for my gifts to connect with Spirit and Angels, it certainly makes it easier knowing that soul is going home and we will reconnect, yet it’s no less emotional, that’s our real human experience kicking in.

What happens when we die???

In my experience, Spirit and Souls leave here fully alive and connect to their loved ones energetically. Some Souls are completely prepared to move forward and pass while others are not ready at all to go. All Spirits have a period of transition and depending what stage they were at in the end of life, it can determine when that Spirit may start to communicate with us again. There is no time like our linear time in the Spirit Realm, so a connection can be very quick following a life review with the Angels or if a life review has many lessons or missteps in this life, it may be longer.  Other Souls leaving tragically can have difficulty crossing over and need help to going home.  Spirit & Angels communicated that we choose our life and the lessons we come here to learn, we choose our parents and we also choose our exits.  The idea is we are here to learn, teach and be of service on this journey for the duration choosen. It’s hard to believe that these are choices especially with some passings being devastating, ill-timed and just heart breaking.  This is when we must have faith and trust, as what you may not see why in the moment, it may become clearer in the future.  What is incredible is that the Spirit never dies or leaves their loved ones, they continue to love and support  trying to communicate to us  a number of ways; with signs, symbols, music, numbers, through dreams or a Spiritual Medium like myself. The extrodinary part is knowing you can still have a relationship with your family, your spouse, your child or friends by having the courage to be open to receiving their love and believing that we never really die.  We are connected through the love energy and knowing in our hearts they have never left us behind.   For me, being of service and connecting you with your loved ones is always a real joy and pleasure.  It’s one way to have that missed conversation, a time to feel close to them, a way to receive love and guidence or perhaps find something missing.  The beautiful thing is through your pain of loss there was great love, and that love keeps you connected. There is considerable comfort and joy knowing they are here with you, always.   Life is  a journey of healing ourselves; it has a lot to do with finding the joy and happiness in each moment; to find forgiveness and love, to have gratitude for all that we have and experienced with our loved ones now and with those who have passed.  In love and light,


Our Magical Natural Healer

Our Magical Natural Healer

Summer is officially here!


It’s that time of year we waited for and dreamed of on those rainy,snowy, dark and short winter days in November, December and January. For me, being outdoors every day soaking up the sunshine in my garden, on the beach or taking in oceanside walks are perfect times to heal my mind, body and spirit – naturally!  This is something we all can do with ease and little effort anywhere; giving ourselves time to heal our souls and our health is a truly a selfless gift.

This last week, you may have already seen on my Facebook Page, I had a knee issue and a bit of a pity party being laid up in bed.  Once I was able to find my way outside that all changed and I could feel my mind clear, my body breath and my spirit lighten.  Find that place where you feel all these things and more because we all have pity party moments and it’s ok, own it then move forward. The outdoors is the magical healer and when you are feeling stressed, out of sorts, frustrated, clouded, anxious find your way outside and breath, mediate or feel blessed with all that surrounds you.  Get out of the house, get out of the office every day, even make time by scheduling 10 minutes or longer to step outside.  You will thank yourself every night you did, I know I do.

Enjoy the parks and recreational places in your area, take an adventure and hike some place new, ride your bike in the trails, learn to kayak or paddle board and just  remember how free and easy it all feels.

Take this summer to heal and grow in ways you never considered before.


Daily Gratitude

Daily Gratitude

What daily practice do I do and love? What comes to me first is my Daily Gratitude.  I have been consistently giving gratitude for over 25 years even before Oprah, but watching her teach it one day on her show just encouraged and reinforced my practice.  The reason I have been so consistent is because it’s so EASY!

I have been a huge journal junkie all my life and it is fun to look back to see how far you’ve come.  Many times the smallest things turn to be the best parts in your life and for that I am incredibly grateful for.

At first, I would journal every night at bedtime, right in bed, 5 things I was grateful for in that day.  I had my family doing the same, reluctantly but after it was effortless for all of us.

Yet, there are times when journaling was just not  in me, I was tired and I would wake up in a bit of a panic realizing I forgot my gratitudes.  So, I began the same practice in morning!

Today, I find time in the morning as I wake and in the evening before I sleep to write or speak of my gratitutes of the day, including  sending out love and healing to my loved ones.  Many of you will find yourself saying or thinking how grateful you are for the things in your life through out your day once this has become a regular staple in routine.

The more grateful you are for the things and experiences you have in this life, you will end up with having more come your way.  The Universe is great that way!  The key to life; to be happy with what you have and not what you don’t think you have my father once said.  I realize that this might be challenging in some cases, yet every day you can find at least 3 things to be grateful for whether it’s a warm bed to sleep in, your breathe, perhaps it’s someone special to you or you had a great customer today or even your pet.

Take the few moments to focus on what you are grateful for and see how absolutely powerful and transformative this small daily practice can be!

Thank you my friends for all your love and support.  I am also grateful for my health, the abundance in my life, and without a doubt the amazing family I have been blessed with!

 In love & light,








Let’s have some fun, the challenge is on!

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