Healings & Readings

Connecting You with Spirit - In Person

A personal one-on-one session with Angie can be ife changing for clients seeking peace, happiness and validation in their lives. You will experience a spiritual connectino and you will receive evidential personal messages from loved ones who have passed, or guidance from your Angels and Guides for your own personal growth. In the time, you could work through emotional blocks that have been holding you back in your personal and professional lives, remove energy cords from negative events or people, and for some, heal a past life event. Angie will send you home with answers and powerful tools to use on your own spiritual journey.

Price: $150

Connecting You With Spirit - Over the Phone

Angie can perform Spiritual Readings over the phone. These sessions can include one or two people. However is it very important to ensure Angie is aware of additional people in the room as this can affect the intended persons spiritual experience, and. can dramatically alter the outome of the reading.

Price: $150

Connecting You With Spirit - Group Session

Group sessions can include 3 to 8 people. They are only offered in the evenings and last an hour and a half at a location of your choice (travel costs will be additional for out of area sessions). Please contact Angie to discuss details and pricing.

Price: Contact Angie for further information.


Angel Card Reading

Angel cards have different meanings for different people. Angies’s gifts give her the insight to interpret personal meanings in the cards you choose.

Price: $88

Energy Cord Cutting

Energy cords are created when we connect with each other energetically through shared love, emotions, events and vibrations.  These cords also flow negative energy and, over time, can affect us in the physical and sometimes are quite painful.  Imagine the cords as an invisible hollow bungee that connects two people; along this cord energy flows back and forth.  You may feel drained after a visit with friends or family, thoughts of an ex or person you have no connection with any longer or of a bad situation from your past.  Unless you cut the cords they continue to take your energy or cause pain.  With Energy Cord Cutting the negative energy is removed and a tool is provided for you to continue forward cord-free.

Price: $88

Past Life Healing

If you are experienceing an inabiilty to achieve someting you know you are capable of doing, chances are it stems from a past life. Does this sound like you? As a trained professional, Angie uses a proven technique to remove this block so you can move ahead on your journey.

Price: $88


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